“Through the design phase, the project went far over budget. To get the project back on target and in line with reasonable cost restrictions, we solicited the help and expertise of Capital City Electric. With their help, we were able to get the project back on track and we completed an affordable and impressive design. We would highly recommend Capital City Electrical for any Design Build Project.”


–Alan Word

Project Manager, Trane

“Capital City Electrical Services Inc successfully completed a lighting renovation project for the United Postal States postal service at its Processing and Distribution Centers. The work was completed without disruption. The construction value of the projects exceeded $1,000,000 and the scope of work consisted of 2,000 light fixtures. Capital City Electrical Services also cleaned the job site of all debris. They ensured that all the lamps were properly recycled with Southeast Recycling Technologies. The attention to detail and organization that Capital City Electrical Service commits itself to is commendable.”

–Eric B. Lawton, PE, CGC

Vice President, BGA Inc

“The quality of work completed was top notch. The technicians were knowledgeable, skilled and competent in their respective trades. Capital City was knowledgeable about all aspects of our projects. Allowing them to plan, coordinate and manage the activities of different work crews effectively. There was excellent attention to detail, strong organizational skills and commitment to follow-through. These assets enabled them to juggle the extensive details involved. Their familiarity with building codes also facilitated a smooth process when it came to building permits and inspection. When hidden problems arose, I was involved in decisions and every situation was treated fairly. I highly recommend Capital City.”

–John Aquilino


“Your company’s work with Energy Systems Group on the central plant at Clark Atlanta University was excellent. The in-depth knowledge and experience with construction and managing infrastructure projects was key to the successful completion of the work. I  found all their staff to be professional. It was clear that they strongly value attention to detail, commitment to teamwork, clear communication, and excellent problem-solving skills. I look forward to working with Capital City on upcoming projects and would not hesitate to recommend them to others seeking general contractor services.”

–Tony Lucear

Energy Systems Group

“We have been relying on Capital City for assistance with new construction renovation and general electrical maintenance since 2011. We have been consistently pleased with their depth of knowledge, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Their electricians are trustworthy and well-trained. Our most recently completed electrical projects from August to October were completed on time and within budget.”

–C Brent Currie

Director of Operations, Atlanta International School

“The new LED lighting has greatly improved the hazards and security of having a semi dark lot. The light readings are off the chart and the energy saving is more than half of what it used to be. The motion activated sensors are great also since the lights dim when no one is around, and then go bright when motion is detected. Also having the photo cells on each light prevents having to have timers on all of the lights. We have not had any problems to this date.”

–Tim Autery

Facilities Management Specialist, U.S Department of Veteran Affairs

“Capital City Electrical performed Energy Retrofits for Gwinnett County Government. These consisted of various tasks, including lighting and controls upgrades and many different upgrades designed to improve energy performance. They coordinated all work directly with the various managers of facilities and did a very good job with this difficult task. Capital City’s managers made this a mostly seamless process for us. We have and continue to work with Capital City on projects here in the county.”

— Gray Booth, CSI, CCCA

Project Manager, Doss / Facilities management, Board of Commissioners of Gwinnett County

“Our experience with Capital City Electrical Services has been positive, always meeting or exceeding our expectations! Knowledgeable technicians arrive on time, in clean uniforms and complete the task or project safely. Great to have them on our vendor list and highly recommend them.”

— Carlos Basto

Facility Service Administrator, Honda