We Understand Retail Needs

Capital City Electrical is a multi-faceted provider of maintenance and repair services to a large number of retail stores throughout the southeast.

Whether you run a big box, mall, outlet, grocery chain, drugstore, or entertainment facility, we can provide top-notch electrical and lighting services. If you are in need of basic repairs or display lighting, are installing new POS systems, need emergency and exit signs installed and/or maintenance, or need help with electrical troubleshooting, we can help.

Retail Lighting Design

One of the most important components of a retail store is the lighting element. This helps set the tone for showcasing your products, attracting new customers and enhancing your image. At Capital City, we have experience installing, maintaining and retrofitting lighting at a large number of retail stores in varying industries.

Through our experience we can help you understand that, for example:

  • Retail shoppers benefit from attractive, well-lit window displays
  • Warehouses benefit from bright, simple-style lights
  • Upscale shopping stores benefit from vivid, contrasting lights

Lighting, although a subconscious experience in shopping, is an important element that can lead to increased sales. At Capital City we understand the different elements of retail lighting and can help you plan and implement the best lighting according to your store and your target market.

LED Retail Lighting

Many retailers who replace lights within their stores are opting for LED lighting. Not only can these systems help cut back energy costs, but they can also be a great investment as they can often last three times as long as traditional lights.

We can help you choose the best LED lights for your store and your budget.

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