We Understand Restaurant Needs

Restaurants have specialized lighting, commercial-grade appliances, sophisticated sound equipment and other electrical devices that require special attention.

When it comes to the extraordinary care that is needed to keep your restaurant operating as efficiently as possible, only Capital City’s specialized restaurant electrical contracting services will do.

We are dedicated to providing fast, safe, and long-term solutions to your routine and emergency service needs, from replacing burnt out bulbs and ballasts, to testing emergency and exit signs, to assisting with new appliance installations. Our electrical services include the outside of your building and your parking lot, too, where a well-lit environment can prevent trips, falls, and vandalism.

Restaurant Lighting Design

The more recent trend in restaurant lighting has moved away from flooding a space with light or installing some simple dimmers to set the mood. Instead, restaurateurs are becoming more attracted to how effective lighting design can pave the way for a better overall consumer experience and ultimately increased sales.

Some considerations that Capital City commonly tackles with our restaurant clients include:

  • Ensuring all lights are working and immediately replacing dead bulbs
  • Minimizing unnecessary glare
  • Lighting that brings attention to artistic touches
  • Brightly-lit food that looks more appealing

We also are forward-thinking in our use and installation of LED lights. Not only do these lights provide energy and cost savings, but they also provide the capability to match brand colors to match the theme of restaurants.

But lighting is just one area we specialize in. We can also help your restaurant in any area that concerns electrical and have services for installations, repairs and ongoing service agreements for added peace-of-mind.

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