We Understand Local Government Needs

Capital City Electrical has a stellar reputation within the local government contracting arena and frequently provides ongoing electrical support to local government offices. We understand that local government projects with a well-defined planning and decision-making structure will have a far greater chance of success. This is why our ability to plan and design projects from the ground up or work with existing maintenance crews is so important to local government agencies that rely on our ability to scale.

Understanding that within local government projects there may be numerous agencies that benefit from our services, we know that a successful electrical project needs to appease all of the end-users, and especially the general public in which the local government ultimately serves.

At Capital City, we are sensitive to all of the implications of a government project and have the experience to get the job done right.

Common Local Government Electrical Projects:

Parking Lot Lighting: A well-lit parking lot is essential to safety. We can help with the installation and design of a parking lot from the ground up or help replace existing bulbs.

Interior Lighting: The installation of interior lights or their replacement is a common need. Not only can we expertly provide this service but we can also introduce you to the newest money-saving lighting technology.

Outdoor Lighting: Most commonly, the installation or retrofitting of outdoor lighting is completed at parks and recreation facilities.

Electrical Service & Support: Capital City is a trusted name in ongoing electrical maintenance and support and we provide Preventative Maintenance Programs to give you the peace of mind that any potential electrical issues will be handled promptly and professionally.

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