Our Experience

Design-Build Projects


Designed and installed a complete HVAC system for a new digital audio and video plant. The project included special design criteria to accommodate a customer requirement for extremely low noise levels.


Designed and installed a complete HVAC system for a tempered glass manufacturing area. This system was designed to handle humidity requirements as well as temperature. The humidity requirements are being monitored and controlled through a DDC system.


Designed and installed a complete HVAC system for a product warehouse and distribution center. Installation included a DDC and energy management system.


Designed and installed a complete chilled water system, compressed air and water filtration system for a car audio-testing lab. Installation included a chiller, all piping, controls and specialties.



Renovated the entire HVAC for a downtown headquarters building. This renovation was completed while the office building was occupied. The project included converting a chilled water system to a condenser loop system, ductwork, heat pumps, piping and DDC controls.


Replaced all of the rooftop units on five office buildings. Converted the units from electric heat to gas heat, installed DDC controls and showed significant power savings. The project included a full ten year parts and labor warranty and preventative maintenance agreement.


Replaced a virtually non-functioning chilled water system with a new DX system. The new system provided the zoning capabilities required and met a highly restrictive budget.


Removed a three hundred ton chiller from a very confined basement location and replaced it with two 150-ton screw chillers. In addition to replacing the equipment and piping, a DDC system was installed to accommodate the new unit.


Replaced two cooling towers on top of an eleven-story building. Since this building was occupied, the replacement project was completed over one weekend.


Capital City Mechanical’s DDC controls department has designed, installed and monitored numerous projects. Currently we provide off-site monitoring for over 50 buildings in the southeast. Major design projects include Carrier CCN and Tracer Summit systems. In addition to our design-build capabilities, we service a majority of DDC systems including Staefa, Honeywell, Barber-Coleman and Johnson controls.


Design-Build completed a 100,000-plus square foot data center application using chilled water. The system features redundant chillers, pumps, Liebert units and air distribution. The center also features DDC controls designed and installed by Capital City.

Design-Build renovated and expanded an existing Capital City installed data center by 25,000 square feet. The system features air cooled chilled water, Liebert air handling units and DDC controls.

Design-Build completed an entire facility, including a 5,000 square foot data center. The system features air-cooled systems with 100% redundancy.

Expanded an existing 911 data center using Data Aire water-cooled direct expansion units. This project featured installing the units through the fourth floor window while the 911 center was in operation.

Developed and installed a computer room for a credit card processing company, complete with N+N redundancy and monitoring.