Freon Costs Rising

Out of Freon?
Why your leaky coil may cost more this summer. 1 Freon is becoming more scarce. Recent changes by the Federal Government may result in shortages or rationing this summer and has already drastically raised prices. Recent proposed changes by the EPA ( may result in a serious change in the availability of Rs 22 the most popular refrigerant in use today. R22 is scheduled to be phased out completely by the year 2020 but this recent change will accelerate that schedule. The EPA may reduce the amount of R22 produced this year by more than 30% which will most certainly raise prices of this valuable commodity. We have seen prices already double in anticipation of these changes. What does this mean for you the building owner or facility manager? It means that even the smallest of leaks should be fixed as soon as possible. It means upgrading your existing system from R22 to an environmentally friendly refrigerant, such as R410a or R407c may have a better ROI than first thought. It may mean that replacing a unit is much cheaper in the long run than making repairs. Capital City Mechanical works with multiple vendors to maintain excellent pricing that we can pass on to our customers and we currently have R22 stocked at our facility. We also work with local re-claim facilities to recycle refrigerant as required by law. Contact your account manager or ask your service tech about the availability of R22 replacements or the upgrade possibilities on your system.