Digital Direct Controls

Capital City Mechanical, Inc. is Atlanta's best place to go for Digital Direct Control of your building HVAC. We deliver complete solutions for Energy Management, Building Automation, Green Building and other requirements for facility control.
There are many benefits to be realized by deploying DDC technology in your commercial building:
  • You will save money
  • You will save energy
  • Your building will be more comfortable
  • Your systems will be more reliable
  • You will have more control.
Energy Savings and Precise Climate Comfort - A Building Control System can optimize the comfort and lighting of your building while decreasing the overall runtime of your equipment, thus lowering total energy consumption. Temperature schedules and equipment controls can be set up to use outside air when suitable, lock out the chiller on low temperature days, and optimize low occupancy and nighttime climate settings. Improved Reliability - Automated building control systems can deliver automated alarm and event notifications via email, pager, or text message to notify maintenance staff and building management if action is needed.
Return On Investment
Return on Investment (ROI) varies greatly from project to project, but savings are well documented and predictable. It is not unusual for DDC projects to pay for themselves in less than a year. Call us for an analysis of your facility and a customized proposal including anticipated ROI.