Keeping You Running When the Unexpected Hits

Uninterrupted Power Supply When trouble hits and the lights go out, your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) has to kick in immediately – to keep your business running. Your mission critical equipment is dependent on a steady power supply and you can’t wait around for the problem to pass. Here are some important preventative maintenance tips to keep your UPS system in top shape and protect your most vulnerable electrical equipment.[1]
  1. Put prevention and safety first. Always follow manufacturer recommendations and safety guidelines outlined in your equipment’s operation manual. If you ever have a concern about the performance of your UPS system, call a licensed electrical contractor for help. The master electricians at Capital City Electrical know UPS systems inside and out and will inspect your system and perform any preventative maintenance checks that are needed and set up a regular maintenance schedule.
  2. Keep detailed records for later reference. When preventative work is done, keep track of the work performed, by whom, and the date. Include items such as cleaning, repair, and replacement of electrical components. Consider tracking the costs for each task to keep a running tally of annual maintenance costs for budgeting purposes. Having a record can also help you create a checklist that can be used by you or your staff to continue the preventative checks throughout the year. Records are only helpful if you can easily access them. Keep the records in the same place and in a conspicuous location for other key personnel to find.
  3. Know when it is time to replace components. No system is perfect – there will always be components that must be replaced. Stay on top of the health of your UPS system so you are aware when key parts may need to be repaired or replaced. Batteries and capacitors are common components that have to be replaced frequently. Only use a licensed and insured electrical professional to replace or repair components within your UPS system. The UPS system experts at Capital City Electrical can inspect your UPS system and educate you on what signs to look for that may warrant a call for service.
  4. Assign check-up tasks to key personnel. Your UPS system may not need weekly maintenance but you can implement a weekly check-up to ensure your UPS system is running smoothly. These weekly checks can be your first line of defense to prevent electrical outages and costly repairs. Consult with a licensed electrical contractor to determine what important weekly tasks can be done to maintain your UPS system.
Regular preventative maintenance can keep your UPS system from failing – reducing your electrical costs and decrease the chance of unexpected business downtime. Now is the time to check the health of your UPS system before a big storm hits or a preventable electrical malfunction occurs. [1]