Finding the Right Commercial Electrical Contractor for the Job: A Quick Guide to Hiring Qualified Engineering Services

electrical contractorHaving to hire a qualified commercial electrical contractor can best be described as a tedious process. One that should take time and thorough vetting to ensure the right (and qualified) electrical contractor is selected to complete your electrical project.
Whether it’s installing new electrical work, a building renovation, or repairing damaged wiring, a qualified electrical contractor is a must have!

In this world of the Internet and mobile apps, it is very easy to find an electrician online. However, finding a qualified, licensed, and reputable electrical contractor can be a big feat.

There are several factors that you need to take into consideration before hiring an electrician and finalizing the deal on your next electrical project. Keep in mind that no matter the size of your project, big or small, you should only hire certified electrical contractors.

Here are the top five considerations to follow to ensure you hire the right electrical service provider for the job.

Tip #1: Review all qualifications. Before you start looking for an electrical engineering firm, review your own project requirements. Make a list of things that need to be inspected, repaired, or installed. This makes the process easier and smoother for both parties involved. Plus, this allows you to narrow down the contractor options based on the services offered by different firms, matched up to what you need done. Next, create a short list of electrical firms and check their “service” section on their website. By doing this, you can easily eliminate the electrical service providers that do not provide the services you need to successfully complete your project.

Tip #2: Ask for references and project timelines. Take a page from the hiring process. Ask the companies you have shortlisted do provide you with references and information about their experience with electrical work related to your project. Be sure to accurately explain your project requirements, provide the contractor with a short description of your project, including your budget and deadlines. Allow no more than 3 business days for them to provide you with a detailed response, outlining how they plan to proceed with the project, and the estimated costs and deliverable dates.

Tip #3: Check all references provided. Always ask for references before you make any hiring decisions. At least three references should be supplied to verify their previous work and customer service performance. Take the time to actually check the references when you receive them and have detailed questions to ask when you call or e-mail them. If anyone reports a bad experience, be sure to probe deeper to learn more about their dissatisfaction and what the root cause may have been. This step is a crucial part of looking for and ultimately hiring a qualified engineering service.

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to compare estimated prices. Once you have your firms shortlisted, now is the time to compare prices. Check everything including their service location (which may incur travel fees) as well as their reputation in the market. Also be sure to check their availability and when your project can be expected to be completed. Once you have all these factors in hand, compare the companies on your short list to determine the best electrical contractor in Atlanta that fits your needs and your desired project costs and completion date(s).

Tip #5: Negotiate, if needed. Don’t be shy when it comes to pricing. With other estimates in hand, you can ask for more competitive prices or at least request a justification for higher price quotes. Some companies may quote a higher price because they intend to use higher quality material or promise a faster completion time. Either way, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification and share price quotes you have received. Many reputable companies may “price-match” to their competitors in the area to win your project, but you’ll need proof of the estimated cost for your project. Once you have selected your preferred electrical contractor, be sure to create a written mutual agreement and have the company sign it. This agreement should describe the scope of the work, how payment is handled (in installments or upon project completion), and when the project must be completed. Both, you and the electrical contractor, should sign this document and refer to it as often as needed through the project.

Choosing a trusted electrical engineering services is never an easy task, but take the time now, so that your “hard work will pay off”. If you are in the market for a reputable and fully insured electrical engineering service provider, give Capital City Electrical a call. Our team of Master Electricians will be happy to review your project details and provide you with a verified list of references and a detailed price estimate.