Capital City Electrical & Mechanical – Changing the Construction Process

value engineering For many years, the traditional contracting method has led to intense competition in the construction industry – with numerous companies trying to cheat the system at their clients’ expense. This is a little known secret that the construction industry doesn’t want you to know about! Here at Capital City Electrical & Mechanical, we pride ourselves on being 100% transparent. We work hard to complete projects on time, within budget – every time. But, here’s how the other guys cheat the system. Take for example, a new addition to a building. When the business owner decides to move forward with the addition, they start by calling an architect to get a preliminary design.  In the background, the architect in turn hires engineers to do the design for all of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components. Generally, the design engineers will create design specs that are well above what the business owner needs. This is a common practice done by engineers to protect themselves from noncompliance issues and law suits that may arise in the future. The engineers will include specific brands for the light fixtures, switch gear chillers, and other mechanical equipment. The manufacturers know that their equipment and products are included in the design specs, so they will increase the price of their products to the subcontractors by up to 50%.  Next, the design is sent out to several general contractors for pricing on the actual construction work.  Each general contractor will receive three or more quotes from several subcontractors. This is where the sneaky games really begin. The subcontractors vet the design looking to identify any missing elements from the design. They will bid low to win the construction contract, but will submit numerous and expensive change orders. This is their method to make lots of money throughout the course of the project. In the end, the business owner loses out – over paying for the equipment – resulting in an over-engineered project. Capital City’s method is much different.  We approach the project from a VALUE ENGINEERING perspective.  We consider the client’s short-term and long-term goals for their business and we’ll always work to use the best and the most cost effective methods. We take the time to look at the electrical and mechanical components of the project and build the project to design. Our goal is to provide value in our work not to create an “over-engineered” end product. With our focus on using the best practices and a cost-savings approach, we expertly design the project to meet time and money constraints. Next, we sit down with the client to do a comprehensive and thorough review of the entire design for approval.  At that time, we put a price on the project for a turnkey solution. Following the client’s agreement on the price, we then hand the design over to a third party engineering firm to draw the design to our indicated specifications. The engineer firm we partner with will stamp the drawing for permitting and then the project officially begins.  This is the same process we use, every time, for each client. We go the extra mile to guarantee accuracy and if any item is overlooked or designed incorrectly, we will take care of it at our own expense.  Our Capital City clients can rest assured that any change order we submit is done in the best interest of the project, with the business’ goals in mind, and not to pad our bottom line. If you are looking for a licensed electrical, mechanical, or general contractor in the greater Southeastern area, partner with Capital City to get the job done – with no hidden fees!