Car Dealership Electrical Contracting Services

If you want to sell cars at your dealership you’ll need more than just the latest models and a salesforce. You’ll need to display your vehicles in a way that compels your potential customers to walk into your dealership, around your lot and through your showroom.

At Capital City, we have a lot of experience working with auto dealerships who need to have a bright showroom, parking lot and signage once night falls. With auto dealership electrical services ranging from quick repairs to new lighting and signage installation to maintenance agreements, we are your one-stop-shop for all your electrical needs.

Auto Dealership Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lights at car dealerships have multiple responsibilities. The first is to help showcase those shiny, bright sports cars in your lot and catch the eye of those driving by. The second is providing a safeguard from vandalism. With all that valuable property you’ll want any potential thieves to look at your well-lit lot and reconsider stepping onto your property.

At Capital City we are experienced in several facets of parking lot lighting:

  • Parking lot light planning and design
  • Parking lot new construction lighting
  • Solar and LED parking lot lighting
  • Retrofitting existing poles with new lights

LED Lights

Capital City can also help you to make money-saving investments in lighting such as those with LEDs. These modern lights help to cut energy consumption by as much as 50 percent and can often last more than three times longer than traditional lighting technologies.

But our electrical services don’t end there, we also provide a full suite of electrical repair, emergency lighting, fire alarm and Preventative Maintenance Agreements to keep your entire dealership running smoothly.

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