Fire Alarm Installation, Testing and Inspection Services

Capital City provides fire alarm installations, testing and inspections to protect people, assets and properties against the threat of fire.

As you are likely aware, fire alarm systems are required to be inspected in accordance with local and state laws. Capital City handles all aspects of fire alarms from installation at new or existing buildings to fire alarm tests and inspections to ensure your business is up to code and most importantly, protected from the dangers of fire.

Fire Alarm Installation Services

With Capital City you can rest assured that your fire alarm will be installed based on a solid project management solution. Our special attention to detail makes us one of the most reliable electrical service providers in the Atlanta area.

We use fire alarm equipment from leading manufacturers and design our services to meet your budget and unique needs. We’ll also make sure that all necessary permits are met and any and all code-related regulations are fulfilled.

Fire Alarm Testing & Maintenance Services

Our fire alarm testing and maintenance services let you know that your system is working and provide you the peace of mind that if anything with your system goes wrong, we’ll be there to fix it quickly and efficiently. We can work out a flexible maintenance plan that keeps you within regulations and responds to your needs as soon as possible.

Fire Alarm Inspection Services

Our fire alarm inspection services are geared to help you comply with local and state codes. We are familiar with all of the codes and standards established by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and will inspect your fire alarm system in accordance with these regulations.

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Fire Alarm Installation, Testing and Inspection Services Atlanta