Project Solutions

Your time is limited and so is your budget. Capital City Electrical can take off the pressure with experienced project management and a productive work flow, regardless of size and scope. With a team experienced in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications – from food processing, manufacturing, healthcare, education, local and state municipalities, and many other industries – you can rely on us for all of your electrical and communications project planning and monitoring.

Here is a sampling of some of our notable projects:

Med Assets

  • Design and build data center including:
  • 250 KW generator back-up
  • 130 KVA UPS
  • 40 ton Liebert HVAC
  • Floor, ceiling and wall construction
  • Lighting
  • Fire Suppression

Clark Atlanta University Central Plant

  • Installation of a 4000A 480V service with 4 MCC’s
  • Installation of 19KV electrode boiler
  • Installation of VFDs
  • Wiring of pumps, motors, and lighting


  • Motor Control Cabinets
  • 750 KW Transformer
  • 15KV gear
  • 5KV gear
  • 500 hp motor at 4180V
  • Class II Div II equipment
  • Lighting
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Cable Tray Design


  • Engineered and performed the relocation of two machine shops & Data Center into one location
  • This project consisted of process injection molding equipment and metal stamping equipment and all data equipment including grounding and Cat 5 cabling
  • Installation of 2000A buss duct 480V
  • Installation of 112.5KVA transformers
  • Motor control equipment
  • Over 8,000 man hours

Internal Revenue Service Public bid

  • Turn key demolition of (2) 200HP motor generators and installed new UPS for the entire IRS facility
  • Installation of a 350KVA UPS unit
  • Removal of 150 batteries
  • Removal of (2) 200HP motor generator units